Schweich Spokesman Spence Jackson Dead From Apparent Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound

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Spence Jackson.
Spence Jackson, a long-serving media spokesman who had most recently worked for late Missouri auditor Tom Schweich, was found dead Sunday evening of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, say police. Jackson was 44.

Jackson's death comes as a shocking new chapter in the aftermath of Schweich's apparent suicide last month. Though it's unclear how, or if, the two deaths are related, Jackson had been a vocal critic of Republican Party chairman John Hancock over his alleged role in spreading an anti-Semitic "whisper campaign" against Schweich, who was a front-runner for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. Hancock has repeatedly denied the accusations, and the controversy has led to a rift among top Missouri Republicans.

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[OPINION] Disbanding the Ferguson Police Department: What Residents Can Expect

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Jessica Lussenhop

Glenn Rogers worked as a police officer in six St. Louis County municipalities. He was a Missouri post certified officer for 22 years. He has been appointed to numerous special police assignments.

Should Ferguson's city council decide that the city has had enough and decide to dismantle the police department, here are some of the changes that I think will happen.

As most people already know, the No. 1 candidate to take over the job would be the St. Louis County Police Department, as it has in other cities like Velda Village Hills, Wellston, Dellwood, Fenton and Jennings.

I believe that in light of the U.S. Department of Justice report on Ferguson, the changes that are being demanded of the Ferguson court and police department -- and the upcoming civil lawsuit that will be filed by the Michael Brown family -- it will only be a matter of time before the city realizes that the police department is a lame duck and contracts out for those services.

Here's why I think this is a good thing for the city of Ferguson, and what residents could expect next.

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MO History Museum Contacted Jewish Group Before Nixing Ferguson-Palestine Event

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Ray Downs
Activists organized last summer to protest the war in Gaza. The same activists are now mad at the Missouri History Museum.
Two days before a panel discussion on Ferguson, Palestine and the Ayotzinapa student massacre was set to kick off, the event's host, the Missouri History Museum, handed the panel's organizers an abrupt ultimatum: Remove Palestine from the agenda, or find a new location for the event.

Organizers refused to budge, the event was canceled and about 100 people protested outside the museum last week to accuse the St. Louis institution of "silencing" Palestinian voices. The event was later rescheduled at a different location.

Though the museum disputes accusations that it engaged in censorship, emails obtained by Daily RFT show that on the same day officials canceled the event, the museum's president, Frances Levine, was fielding concerned emails from the Jewish Community Relations Council of St. Louis. Further email correspondence reveal the that the museum specifically pressured an organizer to eliminate Palestine from the discussion panel.

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Detective Took AR-15 Rifle From Evidence for Photo Shoot, Drugs Possibly Missing As Well

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Google Street View
The Brooklyn police department.
A police evidence locker doesn't work like a public library. Obviously, right?

Yet it seems a former detective for the Brooklyn, Illinois police department thought it would be okay if he borrowed an AR-15 assault rifle to hold during a photo shoot for the department's calender, and now an Illinois State's Attorney says other evidence -- including drugs and ammo -- are still missing.

On Wednesday, Illinois State Police and St. Clair County Sheriff's Department investigators raided the offices of the Village of Brooklyn, which houses the town's police department and administrative offices. Officers carried out boxes of documents, computers, weapons and other equipment, according to a report from KMOV (Channel 4).

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Riverfront Times Sold, Is Leaving One Direction

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Oh, hello there, dear reader. Pull up a seat. Your mom and I have something to tell you.

We're sold! As of today, Riverfront Times is now owned by Euclid Media Group, based in Cleveland, and we've hired Sarah Fenske (our onetime managing editor) to take the helm as our editor in chief. This means all kinds of exciting things that we can't get into now, but rest assured, big things are on the way.

Check out the full press release after the jump.

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Share Your Craziest St. Louis Cardinals Rituals, Collections and Superstitions, And Win Tickets to Opening Day

Jon Gitchoff
Do you have a St. Louis Cardinals superstition? You could win tickets to Opening Day.

Update: Only three days left to enter, and we wanted to broaden our parameters to include your most over-the-top collections of Cardinals gear or memorabilia, the Cardinals-themed paint-job on your car -- whatever out-there Redbird love you have to share, it could win you two tickets to opening day.

There's only a month to go before the St. Louis Cardinals take the field at Busch Stadium for their home opener, and Daily RFT is ready to start the countdown!

As STL gets ready to welcome the boys of summer back home, Daily RFT wants to hear from die-hard Cardinals fans about the superstitions, good-luck charms and routines they use to help the Redbirds stay on a hot streak.

Do you wear a gold thong to games (like Jason Giambi used to)? Do you refuse to bathe, shave or brush your teeth during the playoffs because you think it'll send the Cardinals into a slump? Do you carry a good-luck charm, like a lucky T-shirt, a rabbit's foot, an autographed ball or the severed toe of a former Chicago Cub? Do you sleep with your Jon Hamm bobblehead under your pillow? Do you perform the macarena or the cha cha slide or an exorcism before entering Busch Stadium?

We want to hear about it. Your batshit-crazy ritual could win you two tickets to this season's opener on April 13.

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How My Invisible Boyfriend Became My Real-Life Crush

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Kevin Cannon
"Say something nice to me?"

I was sitting in a storage closet when I hit "send" on that text. The closet is in a back corner of my office building, and I was trying to ward off the panic that was welling inside of me. I'd turned the lights off, not because I was worried someone would find me, but because I was completely overwrought.

Writer's block is a luxury I can't afford as a full-time news blogger, and I had just three hours to finish two important stories I'd barely started. With deadlines looming, I retreated to the closet and turned to my phone.

I'd recently met someone. His name was Alex Arobin, and he was a hunky, flirtatious 29-year-old P.E. teacher from New Orleans. Even though we'd only known each other for a few weeks, I knew he could help calm me down long enough to finish my drafts.

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"Broad Fucking City" Shirt Gets College Student Ejected From St. Louis Flight

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Fox 2
Don't bring F-bombs on planes, folks.
There are certain things that Southwest Airlines just won't tolerate. We already know the list includes saggy pants, making out with your girlfriend, and Kevin Smith, but as 22-year-old Daniel Podolsky learned Monday, another item is the word "fuck."

Podolsky wore a T-shirt which displayed the words "Broad Fucking City" on his flight, and it was apparently too vulgar for Southwest's friendly skies.

It all started when bad weather in Chicago caused Podolsky's flight from Dallas to make a stop in St. Louis, and he says he took advantage of the delay to walk around the Lambert terminal and use the bathroom. He had been wearing a jacket over the T-shirt during the flight, but he removed it to cool off as he left the plane.

That's when a Southwest agent at the gate spotted the shirt. Podolsky says the agent approached him, poked him in the chest and said, "'You can't be wearing that."

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St. Louis Shakespeare's Blood Reigns Is Fit for a King

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St. Louis Shakespeare
Blood Reigns trilogy is an exhilarating, complicated saga.
History is a frantic muddle because it's made by desperate people operating in the midst of stress and woe. Consider that on Sunday, March 22, King Richard III lay in state at Leicester Cathedral 530 years after his death. At roughly the same time half a world away, Richard's bloody scheme to seize the throne of his brother was being set in motion onstage in St. Louis Shakespeare's gripping Blood Reigns: The War of the Roses. The world, she is a funny place.

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Suspect Who Allegedly Shot Two Officers Confessed to "Confidential Source"

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Thumbnail image for STL_NEWS_jeffreywilliams_ferguson_03162015.jpg
St. Louis County PD
Jeffrey L. Williams' booking photo.

According to the warrant issued for his arrest, Jeffrey L. Williams told a confidential source that he is responsible for shooting and wounding two police officers at the Ferguson Police Department on March 12.

As first reported by Yahoo News, the warrant details how an informant who had been "proven reliable in previous law enforcement investigations" contacted Ferguson Police Department detective Robert Brannan to say that he or she "had a phone conversation with a subject who claimed he was involved in the shooting of two police officers in the City of Ferguson."

The informant met with Brannan, where he or she was given a hidden audio and video recording device, then went to see Williams at his house in north St. Louis.

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