Lawsuit: Black Employee of Cupcake Shop Fired After Reporting White Colleague's N-Bomb

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Racial tensions boiled up at a cupcake shop, according to a lawsuit
This a tale of cupcakes, hairnets, and the N-word.

Shayden Frazier, an African-American former employee of Jilly's Cupcake Bar & Cafe in University City, is suing the shop for allegedly firing him after he complained about a white colleague's use of a racial slur.

To start at the beginning: Frazier got hired in August 2013 and worked at Jilly's as a cashier and server.

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Adam Sandler Continues to Make Lazy Movies in Pixels

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Would you trust this crew to save the world? Evidently the White House does.
Pixels is a film that tries to do only one thing and does it about as well as might be expected. If you're interested in seeing some of the most popular video games of the 1980s (Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Galaga) blown up to an enormous scale and moving about in 3-D (and don't feel that Wreck-It Ralph has already exhausted the appeal of such things), I can assure you that Pixels hits the spot.

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Theatre Nuevo Presents a Flawed But Memorable Experiment at the Chapel

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Sara Sapp, Sarah McKenney and Steven Castelli
This Is Not Funny is a devised comedic theatrical experiment. Which says something, but what exactly? The stage is the floor of the performing-arts space called the Chapel, there's a curtain on a clothesline demarking the playing area and a lone microphone off to stage left, set up on the space's actual stage. It's theater stripped down to its bare elements; the whole of the piece suggests you should focus on the story being told above all else.

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Long Prison Sentences Don't Solve Problems. Here's Our Federal Court's New Solution

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Empty cells could be a good thing, says a federal judge
US District Judge Audrey Fleissig has known for years that long prison sentences don't solve a criminal offender's problems.

"They're expected to come out and have a better life than they had before they were in prison for 10-15 years," she says. "Whatever was going on in their life before they were imprisoned is probably at least as bad now; their family structure has probably been totally decimated, if it wasn't before."

In addition, long sentences cost money: $28,893 per federal inmate per year, according to a 2011 statistic in the Federal Register.

So last March, Fleissig, along with her colleague Judge E. Richard Webber and several others who work in the Eastern District of Missouri's criminal court launched an alternative: the Sentencing Alternatives for Improving Lives program, a.k.a. SAIL.

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A Rosy Picture of Bipolar Disorder in Infinitely Polar Bear

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Seacia Pavao, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics
Infinitely Polar Bear.
A disconcertingly antic view of mental illness, Infinitely Polar Bear creates some serious cognitive dissonance: I very much enjoyed the film but felt a nagging guilt about my pleasure.

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Anything Goes Is a Joyous Romp, Thanks to Cole Porter

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Peter Wochniak
Hop aboard the S.S. America.
The plot of Anything Goes is ridiculous, the characters are virtual caricatures and the dramatic conflicts could be charitably described as "hackneyed." And yet there is no denying the power created when these elements are bound together by the music of Cole Porter.

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Will St. Louis Finally Get UberX Today?

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Will St. Louis taxis be competing with UberX soon?
Today was supposed to be the day St. Louis got UberX.

Now it appears that decision could take a bit longer.

The Metropolitan Taxicab Commission, which regulates vehicles-for-hire in the city and county of St. Louis, is still set to meet at 10 this morning in the campus theater of St. Louis Forest Park Community College. They've devoted practically their whole agenda to discussing code changes that would allow companies like UberX to start operating here.

The commissioners didn't receive the draft language of code revisions until last night, according to MTC spokesman Ed Rhode. That's not enough time to understand the text, says MTC Commissioner Chris Sommers, who supports UberX.

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Hall of Fame Jockey Bill Hartack Found His Final Resting Place in a Small Missouri Town

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Courtesy Gary Condra
Bill Hartack's fifth and final Kentucky Derby win.
I grew up in East St. Louis, Illinois, and lived there and in Belleville for 26 years without ever hearing of Iberia, Missouri. But then I started writing a biography about Bill Hartack, the Hall of Fame jockey who won the Kentucky Derby a record-tying five times, and right off I needed a Missouri state map.

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Tommy Wiseau to Bring Cult Classic The Room to the Tivoli This Weekend - In Person!

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The Room is considered by some to be the worst movie ever made. That doesn't mean it's hard to watch. In fact, it's so bad, you can't look away -- and its throngs of devoted fans, twelve years after the initial release, have only cemented its cult-classic status.

At midnight this Friday and Saturday, auteur Tommy Wiseau will appear in person at the Tivoli Theatre to screen the film and host Q&A sessions. Wiseau, who has cut his signature flowing black hair, recently defended his work in an interview with Riverfront Times -- and compared himself to Clint Eastwood.

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Disgraced Former GOP House Speaker Rod Jetton Disinvited from Prayer Breakfast

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In the wake of scandal, Rod Jetton turned his downfall into a career.
The church flyer promoting former state representative Rod Jetton's speech was heavy on inspiration and light on details.

"Rod's candid way of explaining his mistakes and pointing out the dangers of putting
his career in front of his faith and family will be of great benefit to fathers focused on accomplishing their professional goals," the flyer read. Hosted by First Baptist Church in Arnold, Jetton's speech was to take place during a men's-only prayer breakfast on August 15.

The flyer continued: "His ability to identify the early warning signs of pride, bitterness and paranoia in his life are exactly the type of cautionary advice anyone who is experiencing success needs to hear."

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