And Now, Two (Not) Hilarious Racist Jokes from Ferguson Officials' Emails

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Lindsay Toler
"Did you hear the one about Obama?"
To the surprise of basically no one, a U.S. Department of Justice probe into Ferguson found evidence of rampant and systemic racial discrimination in Ferguson's police and courts, according to media summaries of the upcoming report.

The report, expected to be released in full Wednesday, supports what black St. Louisans have been saying publicly since the August 9 police shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown in Ferguson: that police disproportionately target them, violate their Constitutional rights and contribute to the racial enmity that spurred protests against police brutality across the region last year.

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Ellie Kemper: Jon Hamm, My 8th Grade Drama Teacher, Is the King of St. Louis [VIDEO]

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via Youtube
Ellie Kemper tells Seth Meyers why St. Louis loves Jon Hamm.
Ellie Kemper is totally jealous of Jon Hamm's St. Louis Cardinals bobblehead.

And really, who can blame her? Kemper, the sprightly star of the upcoming Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, from co-executive producer Tina Fey, has known Hamm since he was her eighth-grade drama teacher.

"He's like the prince of St. Louis," Kemper told Seth Meyers during an appearance on his late-night talk show last week. "Everyone just adores him there."

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St. Louis Police Commander Charged for Pulling Double Duty As Dirt Cheap Security

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Google Maps
Need police assistance? Just run into a Dirt Cheap liquor store and start screaming for help.
For more than a year, Norman R. Campbell, a twenty-year veteran of the St. Louis County Police Department, was working hard and hardly working.

Yes, at the same time.

That's the conclusion of a police investigation into Campbell's on-the-job performance, which resulted yesterday in a felony charge for stealing $5,899.78 from the department. According to a police spokesperson, Campbell is accused of secretly working security for Dirt Cheap Company, the local liquor-store chain known for its wacky commercials, at the same time he was supposed to be on duty as commander of the county police's Dellwood detail.

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Left Bank Books Makes Shortlist for Publishers Weekly's 2015 Bookstore of the Year

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Lindsay Toler
Left Bank Books in the Central West End.
One of St. Louis' most beloved book stores is on the shortlist to earn some well-deserved recognition.

Left Bank Books is one of five bookstores across the country contending for Publishers Weekly's coveted Bookstore of the Year title.

"We are so proud to be nominated for this award and to be counted among some of the very best bookstores in the nation," co-owner Jarek Steele, who has worked at the store since 2002, says in a statement.

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ISIS Wants to Kill Twitter Co-Founder, St. Louis Native Jack Dorsey

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A threat on the life of Jack Dorsey posted by supporters of the Islamic State.
As Twitter continues to shut down accounts belonging to supporters of the Islamic State, the terrorist group is fighting back by threatening to kill Twitter co-founder and St. Louis native Jack Dorsey.

A pro-ISIS group called on followers to target and kill Dorsey and Twitter employees in retaliation for the social-networking site shutting down accounts ISIS uses to communicate with and recruit new followers. The online threat, posted on the anonymous website Pastebin, is illustrated with a digitally altered image of Dorsey in the cross hairs of a gun.

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Saint Louis University Has 46-Year History of Negotiating with Protesters

Danny Wicentowski
Hundreds of students and protesters gathered around the Saint Louis University clock tower in October, and organizers demanded an end to "white supremacy."
Saint Louis University is having a bit of a statue problem.

The statue, a proposed monument to the Occupy SLU movement of students and protesters who camped out on the school's midtown campus for six days in October, has raised the self-righteous hackles of some of the Jesuit university's alumni. Some donors have threatened to cut off support. One alumna told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch she closed her wallet because SLU president Fred Pestello chose to negotiate with the protesters, a sign that the St. Louis institution is becoming a "liberal environment."

Indeed, with all the hubbub over Pestello's handling of Occupy SLU and subsequent donor condemnation, you'd be forgiven for thinking the recent news coming out of SLU is, well, new. You would be wrong. A look back at the 1969 occupation of SLU's Ritter Hall reveals that negotiating with protesters has long been part of the university's heritage.

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Federal Investigation Finds Racial Bias, Discrimination in Ferguson Police Dept: NYT

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Danny Wicentowski
The report attributes anger and frustration seen in the Ferguson protests to years of racially discriminatory police tactics.
The Ferguson Police Department may be in for some major changes as the U.S. Department of Justice prepares to release a scathing report on the department's racially discriminatory tactics, according to the New York Times.

The report accuses Ferguson police of unfairly targeting blacks in traffic stops, causing years of pent-up animosity and racial enmity that culminated in weekslong protests after the August 9 shooting of Michael Brown by a then-Ferguson officer, anonymous officials briefed on the investigation tell the Times.

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9 Reasons to Celebrate the Grand Re-Opening of Saint Louis Zoo's Penguin & Puffin Coast

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All photos by Jon Gitchoff
"We're bAAAAAaaaaack."
The wait is almost over, St. Louis.

It's been a year and a half since the Saint Louis Zoo closed the popular Penguin & Puffin Coast exhibit temporarily to make way for a brand-new polar bear exhibit. This week, the zoo re-opens the penguin and puffin exhibit, allowing visitors to reconnect to St. Louis' gentoo, rockhopper and king penguins and horned and tufted puffins.

See also: 5 Best Moments of Oshie the Baby Penguin's Life at the Saint Louis Zoo -- So Far

The penguin and puffin habitat officially opens at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 5. In honor of the re-opening of one of the coolest parts of St. Louis city, here are nine reasons why we can't wait until Thursday:

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[UPDATE] Wellston Cop Jumps Into Moving Car, Fatally Shoots Fleeing Suspect Thomas Allen: Police

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Google Maps
Thomas Allen Jr., drove down this road for two blocks until a Wellston police officer fired three shots at him from inside the car, according to St. Louis County police.
A Wellston police officer fatally shot a 34-year-old man who tried to flee a traffic stop, according to the St. Louis County Police Department. The shooting marks the seventh officer-involved shooting death since August, when then-Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown and shone a spotlight on police killings in St. Louis.

Update, 9:50 a.m.: St. Louis County police have released several new, important details about Saturday's shooting.

Police said a five-year-old girl, the daughter of the driver, was in the rear seat behind the front-seat passenger when a Wellston police officer with more than seven years experience on the force pulled the car over for making an improper left turn.

The Wellston officer checked Thomas Allen and the vehicle for weapons and did not find anything illegal, so he let Allen and the child stay in the back seat of the car while the officer talked to the driver and the front-seat passenger outside of the car.

That's when Allen climbed over the car seat and started driving away -- with the girl in the back seat -- police said.

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25 Sentences St. Louisans Have Never Said

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National Parks Service
"Wait, which arch?" said no St. Louisan, ever.
Sometimes it's hard to explain to St. Louis to a non-St. Louisan. Outsiders struggle to understand why we're naturally drawn to A-B products, why we have fond memories of 1904, why our favorite pizza looks more like pizza-flavored nachos and why we're so curious about where everyone went to high school.

So rather than explain what St. Louis is, Daily RFT thought we'd take a stab at explaining what St. Louis isn't.

See also: 13 Words That Have A Different Meaning in St. Louis

Here are 25 sentences we're pretty sure no one in St. Louis has ever said, ever:

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