Left Bank Books Closing Downtown Location (UPDATE)

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The lovely downtown location of Left Bank Books is closing.

In an e-mail message to its listserve this morning, owner Kris Kleindienst confirms that while they are departing downtown, the flagship location in the Central West End will soldier on. She adds there are no current plans for layoffs.

The last day open will be May 31st. We've left a message with Kleindienst and will update when we hear back. Click through for her message to customers in its entirety.

Update: Daily RFT just spoke with Kleindienst, who did her best to console us.

"It's OK. It's going to be OK," she said. "It's kind of a relief actually to be a decision we're acting on, as opposed to something we're agonizing through."

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Man Who Burned Dog to Death Over $50 Debt Sentenced to Four Years

Thumbnail image for wesleyreid1111.jpg
Wesley Reid.
Zeus' killer is going to jail.

Yesterday, Wesley Reid pleaded guilty to felony charges of animal abuse and knowingly burning for the death of the three-year-old pit bull back in August 2013. According to the circuit attorney's office, Reid believed Zeus' owner owed him $50, so he doused the dog with gasoline, lit a match and dropped it. Zeus, who was tied to a fence, couldn't escape the flames.

"This dog wasn't hit by a car. This wasn't an injury he sustained running down the block. This is something that someone intentionally did -- it is just unforgivable," Mike Perkins, director of the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force, told Daily RFT at the time.

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Mike Anderson Officially Asks Gov. Jay Nixon for Clemency, Rebuts AG Chris Koster

Courtesy LaQonna Anderson/Office of the Governor
Mike Anderson and Governor Jay Nixon.

Through his attorney, Cornealious "Mike" Anderson III filed a petition yesterday asking Governor Jay Nixon to grant him clemency or commute his prison sentence of thirteen years. Anderson is asking for relief given the fact that a clerical error prevented the state of Missouri from incarcerating him for a burglary he was convicted of back in 2000. He was finally arrested this past July (Riverfront Times broke the story in September 2013).

"My client is a beloved father of 4 beautiful young children, a husband to a devoted wife, and a well-respected small business man in St. Louis," writes Anderson's lawyer, Patrick Michael Megaro. "In the past 13 years, he has committed himself to being a productive and valuable member of society, and has proven that not only is he no danger to the community, but is a pillar of the community."

Megaro also filed an answer to Attorney General Chris Koster yesterday, harshly rebutting the AG's claim that Anderson is responsible for his situation. We spoke with Megaro to better understand Anderson's chances of receiving credit for time served or parole. The answers, like everything in this case, are complicated.

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Lyft Never Told New Drivers It's Technically Illegal, Not Licensed in St. Louis

Alfredo Medez on Flickr
Sorry, ma'am, you're technically breaking the law.
LJ Pryor doesn't want to work for Lyft anymore.

"I don't want to get in trouble, that's for sure," Pryor, 45, tells Daily RFT. "They'll have to get somebody else."

Lyft, the San Francisco-based ride-sharing app, launches here today, even though the company never got a license to operate in St. Louis City and County, something Pryor didn't know until he read a story in the Riverfront Times.

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Denounced Over Faint Suggestion Of Nipple, Cherokee Street Mural Turns Critics Into Fans

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Danny Wicentowski
Is that a nipple?

Faring Purth's mural Prime sprawls across the south-facing wall of the Nebula Coworking building at the corner of Cherokee Street and Jefferson Avenue, but apparently its new neighbor, Family Dollar, threw a fit over an early version of the work.

The problem? Just a little hint of nipple.

"Family Dollar does not approve of the paintings being applied to the side of our leased premises," reads an e-mail sent to Jason Deem on February 19. Deem commissioned the mural, and his company, South Side Spaces, owns the Nebula building and leases space to Family Dollar. He provided Daily RFT with a copy of his tenant's hot-and-bothered missive that declared the mural "offensive."

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Twitter Confusion: St. Louis Blues Hashtag Looks Gay But Isn't

Categories: Sports

Jon Gitchoff
#LGB means "Let's go, Blues."
St. Louis Blues fans are blowing up Twitter this week as the team prepares to face the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL playoffs.

But one hashtag in particular is causing some confusion between hockey fans and casual tweeters.

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New Missouri Mayor Totally Understands Why That Kansas City Shooter Hated Jews

F. Glenn Miller is charged with a hate crime and suspected of killing three people last weekend at Kansas City Jewish centers.
Only a week into his job as the mayor of Marionville, a small town outside of Springfield, Dan Clevenger is already making national headlines.

But it's not his town or his elected position attracting a media scrum. It's his friendship with F. Glenn Miller, the KKK leader accused of shooting and killing three at Kansas City Jewish community centers.

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St. Louis Blues Fans Pay the Most for NHL Playoff Tickets

Categories: Blues

Jon Gitchoff
Kenny Pfeffer of St. Jacob, Illinois, is one of our favorite Blues fans ever. Here's why.
Are you a Blues fan? Want to catch a first-round playoff game?

It'll cost you.

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Don't Worry, MODOT Won't Use Military-Style Sound Cannons To Slow You Down

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Ahhh, the soothing sounds of loud and incessant beeping noises.
Last week, it was reported that MODOT was about to deploy LRAD (long-range acoustic device) sound cannons to get drivers to slow down near work sites. Unsurprisingly, many people were doubtful that emitting a loud and annoying sound was the best way to encourage people to let off the gas, and MODOT's Facebook page was filled with comments saying as much (those comments have since been deleted).

But Missourian outrage doesn't matter anymore because MODOT says the sound cannons won't be used after all. An employee with MODOT's communications department says budget cuts are the reason, and the $25,000 sound cannons are one of many things the agency will have to sacrifice this year.

Judging by the public response, however, the sound cannons won't be missed. Here's a video of MODOT testing the LRAD device. If anything, it seems like people would be tempted to step on the gas just to get that sound out of their heads:

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The Craigslist Missed Connections of St. Louis Wizard World

Jon Gitchoff
The Khaleesi and Khal Drogo found each other. Who's next?

Earlier this week, we shared how an ingenious local man used a Wizard World photo opportunity with Firefly and Castle star Nathan Fillion to propose to his girlfriend. It's an adorable story, but unfortunately, not everybody was as lucky in love at the comic book/pop culture convention.

See also:
- Nathan Fillion Unwittingly Helps Local Nerds Get Engaged at Wizard World
- The Three Best Things About Wizard World 2014

A look at the Missed Connections section of Craigslist reveals that a number of people were hit by "love at first sight" at Wizard World, held April 4 through 6 at America's Center. And we're down with kismet! But because many of the personal ads still are online nearly two weeks after the event, we can only assume that the love connections are still yet to be made.

So help us out, readers! Check out the enchanting Missed Connections ads below, and help us find the folks who might be somebody's love of a lifetime.

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