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photo: steampunkworkshop.com
Everybody loves iPod arts and crafts.

Ian Froeb, king of the flogs (food blogs, that is), points out some new ones to check out.

Annie Zaleski gives a detailed analysis of PJ Harvey's new cd White Chalk.

These amazing photos posted last month at Urban St. Louis of the Chemical Building triggered strong feelings of nostalgia.

Is there some new rule at the EconoLodge that encourages guests to go shirtless? If they were so disenchanted by the motel, they should have ponied up the extra cash to go somewhere with a free breakfast like this.

Been suffering from amnesia or gas with oily spotting? Your meds might be the reason. (Via boing boing)

Let's see you try to do this with the new iPod nano. (Via MAKE: Blog)

And geeeez. OK, Britney isn't exactly "chubby." Can we just let it go?

Um, so why are troops in Iraq?

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