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Your daily guide to what they're whispering about in the next cubicle.

Check out a musical version of Daily Web Crawl sans jazz hands.

Ian Froeb recounts his two visits to St. Louis Rotisserie.

St. Louis is number one again! According the New York Times, we have more vacant houses in the city than any other place in the U.S. (Via The Circuit)
Um, we're not ready for that kind of commitment.
A strange, yet sassy way to show your local pride below the belt. Snatch up a pair of STL-themed undies today.

Did someone drop a comb or four? Take a gander at more beautiful photos at Postcards from North St. Louis.

If you've marked September 25 on your calendar like it will be the day Angelina Jolie wakes up next to you, this drooling fanboy site is just what you need to build suspense.

MySpace + MTV = Presidential Debate? Does that mean instead of the typical boxers-or-briefs questions, we'll get to hear about candidates' Top Friends and favorite profile layout?

Sorry to subject you to another pointless YouTube video, but this guy is just scary.

"Don't tase me, bro!"

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