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Your daily guide to what they're whispering about in the next cubicle.

Ian Froeb smells a new Indian restaurant in town.

Hear more about Annie Zaleski's interview with Mitch Easter.

Did KSDK screw with with PubDef’s YouTubing?

The city violates itself. Uh, that's hot?
We are going to tase you if you keep saying that!
It's Jim reminisces about life in the olden days.

H.P. Lovecraft fans will be just thrilled with this new site, an homage to lolcats of days past. (Via boing boing)

Speaking of lolcats, it hath been declared over these wires and tubes that this is the new one. Yes, it seems the Internet just can't get over those now infamous four words.

In other news, we officially hate the Internet. At least for the rest of this week.

Thousands gather in Jena, Louisiana, this morning to support the Jena 6; Dallas South Blog will be covering the event throughout the day.

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