Charges Against Lacey, Larkin, New Times Dismissed

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas announced in a press conference on Friday that charges against Village Voice Media principals Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are being dismissed.

Thomas said the grand jury subpoena in the case, the topic of an in-depth story by Lacey and Larkin in the VVM flagship Phoenix New Times, was too broad in demanding Web-related info about the paper and its readers. The grand jury investigation stemmed from charges by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, long a target of critical coverage in New Times, that the paper had violated state law when it published his home address on its Web site, (Village Voice Media owns sixteen weeklies nationwide, including Riverfront Times.)

"We are not going to proceed with this investigation," Thomas said. "The charges are going to be dismissed. And the matter is going to end."

You can read more here (Phoenix New Times blog), here and here (New York Times [reg. req.]).

-Tom Finkel

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