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Your daily guide to what they're whispering about in the next cubicle.

Annie Zaleski finds this a cappella group's performance unlike the others.

Get thee to a punnery, Ian Froeb! And take the fondue with you.

The city has come a long way in 250 years. (Via STL Rising)

For Lisa at 47 Thoughts, bigger isn't necessarily better.

Old North doesn't look too shabby on low-quality video. (Via What's New in Old North)

What do Mariah Carey, Hello Kitty and the shitter have in common?

What eating disorder will you be for Halloween?

Somewhat offensive costumes and sweet rides have us counting down the days 'til it's time to trick-or-treat. (Via Boing Boing)

CNN's Glenn Beck gives us another reason to turn off the TV.

Everybody has an opinion about Michael Devlin, who is set to appear federal court today.

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