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Your daily guide to what they're whispering about in the next cubicle.

In a post-Indian-win euphoria, Annie possibly loses her Name-that-Tune talent.

Ian might need to loosen his belt for this feast.
A long baseball game requires an even longer bat.

Bet you've never seen the end to the World's Longest Baseball Game.

Wow, participating in the Zombie Squad doesn't seem so peculiar around this time of year. Ben Westhoff wrote about these living dead enthusiasts for the RFT back in February.

Speaking of the living dead, keep up with the darker side of things at St. Louis Gothic's website and MySpace page.

Is Barack Obama really so desperate for donations he must hit up Perez Hilton? Really??

Beware: more ridiculous spam on the horizon.

A CBS war correspondent slams the war on Leno…and we're surprised? No way.

Staph "superbug": deadlier than AIDS.

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