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Your daily guide to what they're whispering about in the next cubicle.

Great news, sports fans: Tony La Russa is back -- and so's the CardCarryingRocker!

As Tony tells us, the mp3 of Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello's "Tears of Rage" duet is available for download here.

A to Z gets random with web links and CostelLol.

Gut Check is still alive, despite Ian being MIA. (And don't worry, he's not blogging from the honeymoon suite.)
Sir, please step away from the Pokémon with your hands up.

It's Jim finds hilarity in a pretty useless traffic webcam.

Show your support and vote for a local St. Louisan in CMT's Music City Madness 2!

Brace yourself for spooky story number three.

The only thing FOX News and Geraldo Rivera are good for: tragic celebrity gossip.

Ever wonder what the scent of a deceased American artist would be?

Bet you'd never get pulled over in this ride -- because the cop would totally think he was hallucinating.

Let's pray those Santa Ana winds subside today.

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