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Read outtakes from Annie's Shame Club interview, and hear the band's music later today on A to Z.

Gut Check warns its readers of the frozen pizza recall.

After last night's Best of St. Louis party, we are all a little groggy.

Now there's a fancy website to promote the lame slogan.

Here's the new website that goes along with the Lou's totally original slogan. (Via STL Rising)

Doug Duckworth at Random Talk on Urban Affairs rides the Metrolink and likes it.

Janet Grace Riehl swoons over a Halloween reading by Qiu Xiaolong at Left Bank Books. The RFT's Malcolm Gay recently wrote a feature about the mystery author, which you can read here.

Apparently this month is also National Blog Posting Month, which, of course, was inspired by National Novel Writing Month.

If those vodka pills didn't help, here's another way out of work.

Show off your brains in a different fashion. (Via Boing Boing)

Open letters to crazy ex-wives make us smile today.

Is this our final farewell to Stephen Colbert's bid for presidency? (Via Slog)

Some are calling the rescue situation in Mexico's state of Tabasco similar to that of Katrina.

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