Daily Web Crawl

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Your daily guide to what they're whispering about in the next cubicle.

A to Z correspondent Ryan Wasoba asks Sean Nelson all the tough questions.

It's wine time at Gut Check.

We bet they can't point Iraq out on a map either.

Dear Arch Pundit, we heart the daily dolt. Keep 'em coming!

At a KFC near you: diarrhea drinks!

Slash, meet your Guitar Hero III match.

Is it wrong to wonder if this talent gets that dude laid? (Via Crave)

Nobody better give him a TV show. Not even VH1. (Via Perez Hilton)

Jeez, we were just wondering. (Via Rocket Boom)

Here's enough open letters to last a lifetime. (Via Your Daily Awesome)

Romantic -- or creepy? Update: The hopeless romantic shows his face. (Via Gawker)

Pray for the little girl with eight limbs as she undergoes surgery today.

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