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Your daily guide to what they're whispering about in the next cubicle.

Invisible sandwich? Choose your own caption for this silly picture at St. Louis Game Time.

There's got to be some saggy-pants-wearing mullet enthusiast out there who is straight up peeved.

Do we really need a Web site to remind us how much it's gonna suck?

Dave Barry collected an extravagant piece of artwork yesterday on his visit to St. Louis.
What's the story behind this Crayola masterpiece?

We wonder if this toilet-themed restaurant makes use of the Spaloo.

What a sweet set of hooters. (Via Neatorama)

Did anyone care about the billionth photo? Didn't think so. (Via RocketBoom)

In the future, everything will be a flipping social network. Sigh.

This is

Woo hoo: Do a keg stand in your cubicle.

Earthquakes and cyclones and Musharraf.

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