St. Louis Womenpriests Excommunicated

Elsie McGrath and Ree Hudson, who were ordained Roman Catholic Womenpriests in St. Louis back in November, last night received a “Declaration of Ex-Communication” from St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke.

Jennifer Silverberg
Damned because they did: Excommunicated womenpriests Rose Marie "Ree" Hudson and Elsie McGrath
McGrath says the document states that Burke will broadcast news of their excommunication to the local Catholic community in Friday's edition of the St. Louis Review.

Here's McGrath's and Hudson's joint response: “We are loyal daughters of the church, and we stand in the prophetic tradition of holy (canonical) disobedience to an unjust man-made law that discriminates against women.

“Our church teaches that a law of the church is authoritative only if it is 'received' by the community of faith, the sensus fidelium. Everyone has a moral obligation to disobey unjust law. Between 63 and 70 percent of present-day Catholics favor women's ordination, so we do not 'receive' this prohibition, nor do we 'receive' the church's continued reliance on sexist metaphors, beliefs, and assumptions for denying ordination to women.”

-Kristen Hinman

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