Poets Gone Wild: The Sequel

[Update posted 10:45 a.m. April 17:]
Here's Marjorie Stelmach reading the title poem from A Joyful Noise:

[end update]

[Update posted 2:00 p.m. April 16:]
Here's Jon Dressel, reading "A Poem and a Prayer to St. Hoffstein, from A Joyful Noise:

Jennifer Silverberg
Jon Dressel looks totally at home
at a bar. Who knew?

[end update]

[Update posted 11:00 a.m. April 16:]
Here's Dave Clewell, reading three of Dad's poems from What Manner of Beast:

Jennifer Silverberg
You all know the man Dad always
referred to as The Big Clew.

[end update]

[Update posted 6:00 p.m. April 15:]
Here's Andy Cox, reading "The Father":

Jennifer Silverberg
And that's Andy on the left,
alongside Brian Cochran.

[end update]

I now have a dauntingly large digital recording of the evening of Monday, April 7, when three dozen poets read their favorite Donald Finkel poems.

Seeing as how I'm also in possession of a free computer program that allows one to chop up mp3 files into little bits, I can't think of an excuse for not following through on my promise to upload Curtis Lyle's kick-ass reading from Answer Back.

So here that is:

Jennifer Silverberg

It was only one of the night's many highlights, for sure.

It was also the only reading from Answer Back, a book-length poem published in the late 1960s that begins by playing with the metaphor of cave exploration, myth and art but comes out the other side as a pretty hardcore indictment of racism and war.

As I said after Curtis' reading, it was somewhat of a shock for me to be transported back to that time -- after all, I'd originally experienced that era as a small child. If there's such thing as a politically aware eight-year-old I suppose I was one, but, well, as a father I can now assert with some confidence that there are limits. I'm just sayin'.


Tell you what, poets: Though you've been very kind in pinging your sweet words to me via e-mail messages, you don't seem to be the type to avail yourselves of the ol' "Comment" feature that comes free with this here blog.

I ask you to consider joining us in the 21st century by requesting, via the "Comment" portal, the uploading of anyone else's contribution to the Finkel reading (including, but not necessarily limited to, your own).

Here's some incentive. Every poet that publishes a request gets a shot of tequila, on me, next time we see one another.

If that's not incentive enough, consider that it is somewhat laborious for me to locate, clip, and save these files. And don't we all want to make Tom's day a little more laborious?

-Tom Finkel

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