RFT on Tonight Show with Jay Leno

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If Unreal and the rest of the Riverfront Times editorial staff represent the "brig" on the paper's metaphorical ship of state (we do, and we're damn proud to say so), what does that make the ad department?

Galley slaves!

Anyhoo, the ad rats had their 15 milliseconds of fame last week, when Tonight Show host Jay Leno gave 'em a shout-out -- for a typo.



OK, so he doesn't mention the paper by name. But yep, that there's our ad for the Bevo Mill, touting the south-side landmark's summer hours, outdoor happy hour and...Strolling Menstrals.

You know you've hit rough sailing when you can't even spell your typos right.

Here's a link to the video, while it lasts. Find the show from Monday, July 21, then pick Chapter 2, the "News Headlines" feature.


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