St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase: Cue the Credits!

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This just in from the hard-working filmophiles at Cinema St. Louis and the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase:

The staff and board of directors of Cinema St. Louis want to congratulate all of the participating filmmakers on their spectacular work this year. The following films have been invited to screen in the St. Louis International Film Festival in November [see list after the jump]:

American Pioneers by Bruce Marren
How It Is With Phooie by Mike Steinberg
St. Benedict's Rule by Jay Kanzler
That All May Be One by Karen Kearns

Short Subjects
i! by Nate Callaghan
101 Damnations by Daniel Allen
The Basement Room by Doveed Linder
Capdance by Sean Keough
Dog Park by Jennifer Stolzer
The Doubtful Martyr by James Martin
Everlasting Memory by Kaitlyn Paradis
Flapjacked by Matt Murphy & Chad Harris
Movie of Your Life by Chris Lawing
My Uncle Arnie by Jay Kanzler
Sorry to Miss the Affair by Aaron Crozier
Spotlight Subside by Lindsey Sundboom
Sugar by Alex Beh
The Ugly Turkey by David Essman
Veneer by Peter Bolte

Advertising for the Mob by Scott Wibbenmeyer
Mosquito Kingdom by Brad Hodge & Derek Elz
Say Goodnight by David VonAllmen
Shadowland by Wyatt Weed
Sockville by James Gregson
Streetballers by Matt Krentz
Texas Snow by Aaron Coffman

The winners of the St. Louis Film Critics Awards winners will be announced over the weekend; we'll post when we get 'em.

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