Ask a Cougar! (We Mean It!)

All right, all you cougar lovers and cougar wannabes, here comes your chance to get the cougar cage-match started!

Jennifer Silverberg
As you know, we've been hunting for a suitable "Ask a Cougar!" columnist -- and in the meantime somehow acquired a fundamentalist-hippie-pastor-who's-been-solicited-by-cougars columnist -- to answer pressing questions and dispense advice.

We now have several lady-animals on deck, awaiting their first query...which we hereby invite you to post to this blog in the "comments" section, ASAP.

Do it soon, like before Thursday, and your question avec response could appear in next week's paper. We will pose one or more queries to each of our cougars and let 'em, grrrr, fight it out, so to speak. We'll post all their replies here perhaps as early as Friday, along with one from our pastor.

A caveat about the line of questioning: No rules apply! Ask whatever your burning loins or your curious noggin desires. Questions need not be cougar-specific. But please, please, please make 'em interesting.

Example of a bad (too general) question: I'm 46 and thinking of going after a younger man. What should I expect?

Example of a good (pointed) question: I'm 56 and keep getting dehydrated when I spend more than 30 minutes in bed with my 24-year-old stud. What do you do to stay moist in the sack during the dog days of summer?


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