Kevin Slaten's Head Is About to Explode: The Saga Continues

Evidently erstwhile KFNS (590 AM "The Fan") sports talker Kevin Slaten isn't quite finished speaking to Riverfront Times.

Rick Sealock
Responding to this week's feature story by Kristen Hinman, "Kevin Slaten's Head Is About to Explode," Slaten dialed up managing editor Ellis Conklin.

Click below to hear what the always-eloquent K-Slate had to say.

And no, the irony is not lost on Unreal: Slaten gets fired for allegedly broadcasting some schmuck without his knowledge, and here goes Unreal doing a similar thing to Slaten. One difference: The Federal Communications Commission distinguishes between broadcasting over the airwaves and chucking up into the ol' Internetosphere.

While we're on the subject, Unreal has it on good authority that Hinman tried to obtain a recording of Slaten's March 27 on-air conversation with Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan -- the one that's at the center of the Slaten-KFNS case, but her request was denied by the judge.


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