McCain Ad That Says 'Hot Chicks Dig Obama' Includes Two FOX2 Reporters

A web ad for John McCain's campaign that claims "hot chicks dig Obama," among other assertions, includes two St. Louis TV newscasters.

The ad includes news clips from around the country that document interviews with supporters of Illinois Democratic Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama. It's part of an ongoing mini-campaign to paint Obama as a celebutante politician with no experience. We've all seen that first ad that compared him to Paris Hilton.

KTVI's (FOX 2) own Shirley Washington and Andy Banker appear in the ad for McCain, via newscasts they performed on Obama's visits to St. Louis and Union, Missouri.

"You'd think Elvis or the Beatles had come to town," Washington says during one of her reports, which is spliced into the one-minute, five-second commercial.

Andy Banker, that feet-on-the-street reporter, landed the hot story in Union by heading to the city's Taco Bell to interview an employee on how the lunch rush was caught in Obama mania.

"You could feel it building at the Taco Bell across town just before lunch," Banker says in his report that is also included in the McCain commercial.

Viewers of the ad are to assume "it" is Obama fever, or mania, or whatever other medical term has been applied to people who may actually vote for the Illinois Senator (how dare they!)

The spot begins with sarcastic jabs at Obama using testimonials from, shall we say, not the most politically astute fans of the Illinois Senator ("What I love most about him is that he has very soft eyes," says one supporter.)

It's honestly pretty funny, even if one is an Obama supporter, but McCain's gripe that Obama is popular to the point of celebrity is beginning to jump the shark. Maybe it's time to for the Arizona Senator to get some new material. But at least Washington and Banker earn a bit of resume fodder if they want to one day rub shoulders with Brit Hume and Roger Ailes.

- Unreal

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