'Fight McCain, Have Sex': Free Condoms Go Quickly at Debate

If you're looking for a source of free condoms on the Wash. U. campus today, look no further than the MSNBC stage in front of Graham Chapel where volunteers from Planned Parenthood are passing off condoms in special wrappers: "Protect Yourself from McCain."

"Can I snag a few?" a student asks Jill Hansen, a graduate student in social work and one of the organizers.

"One," she says firmly.


The condoms, despite their snappy packaging, are really just made of plain old latex. They are regular condom color. They are not emblazoned with images of donkeys or elephants. They can, presumably, be unrolled over a banana. Hansen is not sure who paid for them, but suspects the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

Along with the condoms, Planned Parenthood is handing out fliers listing ten things every woman should know about John McCain.

"Even though McCain has a woman on the ticket, he doesn't have women in his heart," says Erin Meyer of Planned Parenthood.

"He’s anti-woman and anti-choice," says Hansen.

"We’ve written open letters to Sarah Palin," adds law student Lisa Cohn. "She’s terrifying. Her presence on the ticket makes people think McCain supports women’s issues."

Most crucially, at least for Planned Parenthood, neither McCain nor Palin supports contraception.

"I think most people really support contraception," Cohn says.

Cohn sports a button that says "Community Organizer." Is that in defiance of Governor Palin’s mockery of Barack Obama? "It’s such important work,” Cohn says. "She’s a community organizer. Anyone who works to build a community is a community organizer."

By the end of the conversation, Planned Parenthood’s box of condoms is almost empty.

"It’s a college campus," Hansen shrugs. "Free condoms."

-Aimee Levitt

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