Erstwhile Unreal Columnist Wants Back on School Board

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Filing begins tomorrow for the Elected School Board of the St. Louis Public Schools, and guess who plans to be first in line?

St. Louis' evergreen political candidate, Mr. William "Bill" Haas.

Although he's got degrees from Yale and Harvard, Haas has yet to join his Ivy League brethren in the chambers of truly elite politics, most recently bowing to Todd Akin in the 2nd Congressional District match-up.  

The SLPS School Board, on the other hand? No problem.

Haas served on the elected board back when it actually had power. These days the state-appointed Special Administrative Board is in charge. Why anybody would run for a board with no got us.  

But Haas has always had huevos, as regular readers of Unreal well know. Back in 2004, he was our very own Unreal celebrity advice columnist for a time, doling out tips on dating, heartbreak, anal sex...

The column -- "Bill me!" -- only ran for a couple months, though we look back fondly on the time when the school board had a voice.   





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