Sylvester Brown Jr., Floyd Irons and Original Gangstas

When Unreal stumbled out of bed, picked up copy of Tuesday's Post-Dispatch and flipped to the Metro section, it took a few seconds to wrap our puny little brain around this headline:

"Floyd Irons is out of prison, back to basics -- helping kids."

Original Gangstas.jpg

See, last we heard, Irons -- illustrious basketball coach, confessed cheater and convicted felon -- was serving a stretch in federal prison. Now he's gallivanting around town, giving interviews, and vowing he's a changed man.

Perhaps Unreal would have bought the spiel that Irons spun on columnist Sylvester Brown Jr., if it weren't for two little letters.

Writes Brown:

"He had no problems getting along with inmates. Unlike 'in regular society,' Irons said, younger inmates seem to respect the 'OGs' (older guys)."

Hmmmm.... Unreal had always heard that OG meant something a little less innocuous, like, oh, jeez, what was it again?

For clarification, we consulted the street-savvy folks at and found that OG generally stands for Original Gantsta, i.e.:

"Someone who has been around, old school gangster.

The real-life definition of a street-level mentality; no remorse or concessions for
a person's (or group's) behavior associated with violence, sex and crime.

A way of life, of sorts, that doesn't provide explanations or apologies because this is the 'reality' of aforementioned subjects."

They were even kind enough to use the word in sentence: "That motherfucker is straight O.G -- look at the way he took that bitch ass XXXXX out."

Perhaps Sylvester Brown had no clue of the connotations of the term "OG." Or maybe "old guy" Irons has retained his innocence despite his time behind bars.

Or perchance -- and Unreal prefers this scenario -- we're all a little confused and OG actually stands for "Onscreen Goddess: someone who has attained a high level of achievement in Power Point 2007," as one Urban Dictionary alternate definition informs us.

Yup, that must have been it.


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