Ohhhhhhh, Obama!

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Page A19 of today's New York Times features a quirky story about the madness over Obama merchandise: POTUS yo-yos and piggy banks, T-shirts and designer tote bags, even hot sauce and toilet paper, per the Times, are apparently flying out of hawkers' hands.
head o state vibrator.jpg
But the old gray lady buried the lede, for it's not till graf sixteen when we arrive at the following nugget: "Obama sex toys, which will not be described here, are available for $34.95 at one online company. At another, 'I [heart] Obama Classic Thong Undies,' are selling for $8.99."

And how!

Check out the "Head O State" two-inch-thick "Official Obama" dildo, with a special endorsement from VP-wannabe Sarah Palin ("Drill, baby, drill!").

This nifty little toy needs no batteries, is waterproof and is said to, uh, come in at seven-and-a-half inches high.

Ohhhh, Obama!

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