Would You Notice If Someone Shot You In the Head?

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A man from Belleville didn't, and apparently that's not entirely uncommon. From the Belleville News-Democrat:

BELLEVILLE -- A doctor said Thursday it's possible for a person to get shot with a small-caliber bullet and not know it.

That's what apparently happened to Robert Bunn Sr., 69, who was found dead in his home Tuesday. An autopsy Wednesday showed he died from a bullet wound to his head, police said. 

Police believe Bunn was shot during a home invasion five days earlier, and he had told police he thought he was struck by a pipe and refused medical help. 

"People get shot sometimes and live with bullets in them for their whole lives," said Dr. Carmon Glover, an emergency room physician at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Belleville. "It just depends on where the bullet winds up. It is certainly possible to not know you've been shot, especially if it's a small-caliber bullet and the bullet lodges in an area that isn't immediately critical."

Note: A Google image search for "shot in the face" is both disgusting and NSFW. But you do find gems like this:

cheney face shot.jpg

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