Are You as Poetic as Paris Hilton? Help Us Complete Her Latest Press Release.

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America's favorite celebutante, Paris Hilton, returns to St. Louis next month (March 14) to promote her new fragrance, Fairy Dust.

As you may recall, Hilton made a similar trip to the Gateway City last year when she touched down at South County Center to endorse a perfume called Can Can. This time around the glamorous Hilton will appear at an even "classier" shopping center -- St. Clair Square. (What's wrong Paris, is Jamestown Mall still booked by the Scientologists?)

But what really struck me about Hilton's up-coming visit is the press release announcing her arrival. It's colorful, to say the least.

So, I'm wondering dear reader: Are you a poetic as Paris Hilton? Below are a couple lines from the press release with a few key words deleted. Leave a comment below with the words you think are missing, and later this week I'll update this post with the correct answers. Good luck!

#1: Fairy Dust is a
________ compilation of floral notes including: pink _______, orange blossom, spring gardenia, water lily and ________ nectar with an alluring wood base note blend of vanilla, ________ musk and sueded patchouli. 

#2: "The scent is ________," says Paris. "It's _______
in the morning, _______ during the day and ________ in the evening. When I wear Fairy Dust, I feel as ________ and free as a dazzling ________.

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