ACLU Decries Conditions in St. Louis City Jails; Sends Report to Justice Department

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The Justice Center on Tucker Blvd. was completed in 2002 at a cost of around $80 million.
The American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri released a report today condemning conditions at two St. Louis City jails -- the City Justice Center and the Medium Security Institute.

In interviews with a half-dozen corrections officers, the ACLU heard stories of squalor, cover-up, violence and intimidation at the jails. The civil rights group has forwarded its findings to federal investigators.
"We made the decision that the United States Department of Justice should be notified about the allegations contained in our report," said Brenda Jones, Executive Director for the ACLU-EM in a statement. "Correctional officers have described a pattern of beatings, sexual misconduct, and other crimes which need to be verified or refuted. We hope the document will be the catalyst for further investigation."
In its report, ACLU alleges that Corrections Commissioner Eugene Stubblefield and acting deputy Superintendent Reginald Moore condoned and even encouraged such behavior at the jails.

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