Ballpark Pillage...or...Why Didn't We Think of That?

Photo by Jennifer Silverberg
Our bait stand remains the first retail business in Ballpark Village.
We admit it. We struck out. Over the past  couple years the brain trust here at RFT has come up with some unusual proposals for the scorched earth next to Busch Stadium, a.k.a. "The Future Home of Ballpark Village."

We've suggested that architect Frank Gehry and media tycoon Emily Pulitzer get together to build an artist compound adjacent to the stadium. We even proposed dragging (by tractor) the shuttered Kiel Auditorium to the site of Ballpark Village.

When that plan backfired (thanks in part to an angry Frank Gehry threatening to sue us) we proposed a simpler affair. Last spring we hinted that the Cardinals construct an environmentally friendly commune on the site, complete with a yurt village, goat farm and fish pond. We even set up the first retail business on the site -- a bait shop called Ballpark Lake Bait.

Alas, all our ideas were for naught. Today the Cardinals announced that they're turning Ballpark Village into a softball diamond and a parking lot. Seriously.

It's all so simple. The question we're left wondering is this: How come we didn't we think of that?

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