D'oh! Chinese Beer Overtakes Bud Light as World's Biggest Seller

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You've surely been cautioned not to eat yellow snow. But in China, drinking yellow Snow is evidently big business.

How big? Well, last year Snow -- a golden-lager brewed in China -- overtook Bud Light to become the No. 1 selling beer in the world.

Snow saw its sales volumes jump 19.1 percent to 61 million hectoliters in 2008 putting it well ahead of Bud Light and sister brew Budweiser, according to a Reuters' article out today. Snow is a product of SABMiller and its Chinese partner China Resources Enterprises Ltd.
Reports Reuters:
"The Snow brand has grown rapidly as China overtook the United States earlier this decade to become the biggest beer market in the world in terms of volume and is now over 50 percent larger. In 2007, [research firm] Plato put Snow second to Bud Light and ahead of Budweiser."
So, does this mean Budweiser is still the "King of Beers"?

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