Clooney Cluster@!&# Continues in Maplewood: "OMG!! There He Is!!"

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Earlier this afternoon I drove through Maplewood where the crew for Up in Air (and the production's legion of gawkers) have clogged nearly the entire stretch of Sutton Avenue.


Now I didn't see actor George Clooney, but other folks did. Or, at least they claimed to have seen him.

"Oh, my Gawwwd!! There he is!" shouted a woman just when I arrived on the scene at around 1 p.m. "He just  got into that limo!" I looked but couldn't see anyone behind the tinted windows of the limousine -- several hundred yards away.

These are the folks who've walked, driven and, yes, biked their way into Maplewood for a glimpse of Hollywood.

Minutes later in front of the Black Cat Theatre another gawking group of females yelled. "There he is! He just got into that red Caddy [Escalade]. Yes!!"

Again, I turned just in time to see the SUV drive down the street and away from Sutton Avenue. Oh, well. Guess I can come back Friday. From what I'm told, Clooney is to shoot his final scene in Maplewood tomorrow.

Crew trailers blanket the lot outside Black Cat Theatre in Maplewood.

Production trucks line both sides of Sutton Avenue on Thursday afternoon.

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