How 'Bout That New Hardee's Commercial? You Know, The One With Padma Lakshmi?

Categories: Media, Sports
March Madness has taken on Super Bowl status in recent years with advertisers debuting dozens of new commercials during the tourney.

This year, one of those ads has received a lot more attention than others -- at least among the folks I've watched the games with over the past two weeks. I'm talking about that new spot from St. Louis-based Hardee's. You know, the one featuring Top Chef  host Padma Lakshmi blowing eating the restaurant's new Western Bacon Thickburger.

A friend of mine who works in advertising calls it "derivative, lazy soft porn." I dunno, I rather enjoyed it. How 'bout you? 

Hardee's has remade itself over the years as a "guys" restaurant chain. Follow the jump to view additional commercials from the restaurant (and its sister chain, Carl's Jr.), including Paris Hilton washing a car, a woman riding a mechanical bull and (my favorite) a guy shaking a cow.

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