Spotting the Twilight Phenomenon First-Hand

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Teen book-turned-movie Twilight came out on DVD at the stroke of midnight Saturday morning. Although Unreal refers to Twilight as "awesomely bad teeny bopper trash," its fans and their parents might best be described as fang-wearing, cape-donning, utterly endearing geek-azoids.
Parents of the Year.

As with any sci-fi / fantasy genre, some of the most dedicated fans are well outside the targeted demo. Hoping to find a few 30 or 40-somethings mingling among the crowd at the Creve Coeur Borders late Friday night, I instead came across a variety of families and just one dude (right) with a remote resemblance to The Simpson's Comic Book Guy.

In the pantheon of nerd fiction, Twilight fans fall squarely beneath Harry Potter but above the fans of Laurell K. Hamilton's works -- also about vampires but with clearly more adult content. (Star Trek fans rest assured. Your spot on the throne remains safe.)

Blaylock, far left, the first in line to buy the Twilight DVD.
About 60 people snaked their way through the ropes at Borders on Saturday. The first in line, Caitlin Blaylock, a 15-year-old freshman at Pattonville High School, won the coveted spot for correctly answering a trivia question regarding a slight difference between the book (penned by Stephanie Meyer) and the adapted movie version.

The DVD packaging literally sparkles -- just like the vampires in the movie -- and the artistic and marketing genius continues with the trading-card inserts included with each film. 

View more photos from Border's below and click here to check-out the wild DVD release in Meyer's hometown of Phoenix. 


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