Lou Brock's Stolen Base Karma Come Full Circle?

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Take a stroll down the Delmar Loop and you might do a double take when passing by Cardinals Hall of Famer Lou Brock's spot on the St. Louis Walk of Fame. The star is still there, but the plaque with all the info about the Brock's baseball exploits (938 career stolen bases good for second all-time) is missing.

Lou Brock.jpg
Lou Brock stole 938 bases in his career. Did someone steal his plaque?

So what happened? Did a bitter Cubs fan with a mean sense of irony make off with the thing? Has Karma come full circle and swiped Brock's plaque like he swiped so many bases?

Actually, as it turns out, the situation is a bit more innocuous than all that. 

The man who runs the Walk of Fame, Blueberry Hill owner/Loop mogul Joe Edwards, explains:

I have the plaque up here in my office. It started coming up from the sidewalk, I guess early winter. Rather than have it be a hazard I took it up. It will be re-installed when next round of inductees go in sometime this summer. Throughout the years the sidewalk expands and contracts at different rates than the metal [from the plaques], so every so often they need to be re-poured and a section needs to be taken up. Don't worry, Lou will be back for sure.

Well, glad we cleared that up. 

And since we're on the subject: when Brock stole 118 bases in the 1974 season (a single season record that has since been surpassed by Ricky Henderson) he was only thrown out 33 times. 33! How's that for impressive?

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