Question: What does Spring Put YOU in the Mood For?

Jerome Wade.jpg
Photo by Nicholas Phillips
Jerome Wade, native St. Louisan

"Spring is a companion. It's like a friend. Springtime is a time for growing, re-rooting, re-sprouting."

Maggie Karges.jpg
Photo by Nicholas Phillips

Maggie Karges, SLU student

"Cookouts. Anything on the grill."

Tom Schmidt.jpg
Photo by Nicholas Phillips

Tom Schmidt, owner of Franco bistro

"Cardinals baseball and a steady diet of Van Halen."

Daniel Schiele.jpg
Photo by Nicholas Phillips
Daniel Schiele, Spanish teacher, Cardinal Ritter High School

"Run as fast as I can. Across the city."

Photo by Nicholas Phillips

Danella Lang, police department employee

"Spring puts me in the mood to buy a house. I'm motivated to get into a yard and start digging. Who looks forward to mowing? Me."

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