Show-Me Institute Backers Go After City School District

Show-Me Institute
Bevis Schock, plaintiff in a 1st Amendment case against the city schools
Millionaire-about-town Rex Sinquefeld and attorney Bevis Schock filed a First Amendment lawsuit Wednesday against the St. Louis Public Schools' Special Administrative Board.

Sinquefeld and Schock take issue with the school district's placement of a 100-year deed restriction in its sale contracts for shuttered buildings. The restriction prevents purchasers from using the buildings as any kind of school, grades kindergarten through twelve -- effectively barring increasingly popular charter schools as well as private schools from taking over the buildings.

I wrote about this policy in-depth in a February 11 story, "I Want That School."  (A short update to that story: KIPP, the St. Louis Language Immersion Schools and now Grand Community School have all found property to lease or buy -- none of which is in an old SLPS building, because of this deed restriction. All three of those public charter schools are opening in the fall of 2009.) 

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