Don't Forget! Tea Bagging Tonight In Kiener Plaza

Yes, tonight is the night that hardcore fiscal conservatives (not Nazi's, as that useless liberal tool Chad Garrison would lead you to believe) from across the country will gather in their respective cities to protest recent government spending and what they claim are unfair taxes levied against them by "this despotic Congress."
The St. Louis rally goes down at 6:30 p.m. in downtown's Kiener Plaza

The protests are supposed to be modeled after the legendary Boston Tea Party, an incident in which a few of the more zealous founding fathers got drunk, dressed up like Indians, and dumped a ship full of tea into Boston Harbor because they were upset about the Tea Act of 1773 and other forms of "taxation without representation."

Of course back then the phrase "tea bagging" had yet to be coined, otherwise the politically savvy patriots might have come up with a different form of protest, thereby avoiding hilarious double-entendre laden explanations of their movement, such as this one by MSNBC's Countdown:

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