There are Chippendales, And Then There are *Chippendales*

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In case you hadn't heard, the infamous Chippendales are coming to town for not one, not two, but four, count 'em four, shows, May 29 and 30 at the Argosy Casino in boob-town Alton.

Why the seven-eighths-naked-but-for-a-bow-tie boys-next-door plan to strut their stuff in a town best known for bearing bustier chests, I couldn't tell ya.

What I do know is that St. Louis police recovered a nifty set of stolen Chippendale chairs in the home of a 70-year-old St. Louis lawyer about a week and a half ago.
Photo by St. Louis Metropolitan Police Dept.
Not a Chippendale. But he did have four stolen Chippendales in his dining room, according to the private eyes who solved the case.

These chairs are special, but not because some greasy 20-something cheeseballs straddled them in G-strings before throngs of hysterical women.

The chairs, which sell for mucho $, were made by Thomas Chippendale back in the 18th Century and were passed down in an old St. Louis family before turning up missing several years ago from a downtown office building occupied by the Lawrence Group.

Come to find out that Chippendale, the pre-eminent English furniture-maker of his day, was reportedly the father of nine children...

Check back here later today for my news story about the theft, and all its dirty details.

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