Study Finds Traditional Media Trumps Blogs, Citizen Journalism When It Comes to News

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Now see here! We're all in agreement. This new media will not stand.

That's the argument a team of researchers at University of Missouri School of Journalism put forth in a new study published in the annual State of the News Media.

The study found that Web sites of legacy media (newspapers, radio, television) have nearly double the news content of so-called "citizen news sites" and triple the news of blogs. And, say the authors, "The topic coverage on blogs and citizen news sites is generally narrow and the sourcing light."


Could it be, though, that the authors are just the tiniest bit biased? After all, should the traditional media continue its downward spiral, there may not be an MU J-School from which to ponder such dilemmas. Of course, there may not be any "traditional journalism" at all.

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