Craigslist Employees Soon Will Have to Determine Who's a Psycho Hooker Killer

Illinois attorney general and possible future governor Lisa Madigan said today that Craigslist is going to drop its website's "erotic services" page, leaving Craigslist employees to monitor a new "adult" category on the site.

Hunh. Doesn't seem like it's going to stop any sociopaths who want to kill innocent women answering babysitter ads or working girls eager to be your escort for the night. Like any tool, Craigslist can be used to help or to hurt; turning CL employees into monitors is like telling everyone to play nice on the Internet. As it's been pointed out, those johns and ladies will likely just go somewhere else to arrange hook-ups.

Anyone who's seen the wild west that is CL's erotic-services page knows it's going to be tough. Here's a glimpse of St. Louis' page, which is mild in comparison to larger cities:

The free site may be responsible for killing paid classifieds, but whether it should be held accountable for the death of anyone who met another person on Craigslist is another story.

And putting CL employees in charge of monitoring the site is a step toward arguing that they are indeed responsible if something bad happens. Escort slain in hotel room a year from now? Who at CL was asleep at the wheel?

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