"F--k the Police": Shots Ring Out on Cherokee, Part II

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Photo by Nicholas Phillips
Williams, handcuffed to a stretcher
On Sunday, after 17-year-old Ledarius Williams turned his gun on police - who then shot him in the knee -- at the corner of Cherokee Street and Texas Avenue, one responding officer told a resident that every cop in St. Louis knew of the 17-year-old, thanks to a robust criminal record.

According to this officer, Williams had once declared in the presence of police, "I'll take everybody out with an AK-47, I don't give a f--k."

But while the cops seem to have gotten their man, not everybody in the neighborhood is toasting the incident. The following graffiti appeared the morning after the shooting on nearby buildings:

Photo by Nicholas Phillips

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Photo by Nicholas Phillips
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Photo by Nicholas Phillips
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Photo by Nicholas Phillips

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