'Fess Up Now: Who Left Their Lint Brush in a Safe-Deposit Box?

unclaimed property smaller.jpg
Missouri State Treasurer's Office
Pill boxes, salad tongs and a lint brush: Who would ever leave such treasures in a safe deposit box ?

It's that time of year again: The Missouri State Treasurer's Office is trying desperately to clean out its vault full of unclaimed loot. (These are items that folks have abandoned in bank safe-deposit boxes.)

And oh, the treasures that turned up this year: a Mark McGwire baseball card, an old can of baking powder and a lint brush!

$100 Unreal bucks to anyone who can determine what that blue-and-orange-thing-a-ma-jig is...

More photos after the jump.

unclaimed prop diane smaller.jpg
Missouri State Treasurer's Office
Poor Princess Di will rot in a state vault unless somebody claims her.

unclaimed prop baseball cards smaller.jpg
Missouri State Treasurer's Office
McGwire might go into roid rage if he finds out who ditched him at the state.

unclaimed prop bakin powder smaller.jpg
Missouri State Treasurer's Office
Unreal's personal favorite....Bet this Calumet would taste great in some cornbread, grilled over an open fire.

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