Who's Snaggin' Catfish within City Limits?

Last evening, about a dozen fishermen had their lines thrown out into the freshly-stocked Fairgrounds Park Lake. Here's a profile of one urban outdoorsman:

unhooking resized.jpg
Photo by Nicholas Phillips
He's gonna be tasty...
Name/age/profession: Mike Webb, 47, butcher at Shop 'n' Save

License? Yes (see photo after the jump).

Biggest fish ever caught here at Fairgrounds Park: 20-pound carp; 5-pound catfish.

Does the Daily-RFT believe him: ...Yes.

Bait: Live worms; also, the liver of a catfish he'd caught Wednesday night.

fish license resized.jpg
Photo by Nicholas Phillips
I am fully licensed.
What he does with keepers: Filets them and either eats them or gives them away to his mother (or people in the neighborhood).

How many catfish he caught in the 20 minutes the Daily-RFT was present: Two.

Did he attribute this luck to the presence of the Daily-RFT? Yes.

Does the Daily-RFT have luck-conferring powers? Yes.

fish showoff resized.jpg
Photo by Nicholas Phillips

fisherman back resized.jpg
Photo by Nicholas Phillips

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