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This will be a weekly feature that's really just an expansion on the Follow Friday meme that's popular on Twitter and happens um ... every Friday. I hope that expanding my weekly picks to a full blog post like this one will provide you a bit more insight as to why you should follow the folks I suggest here. At any rate, it's better than just dropping you a list of usernames. So, without further ado, here's who I'm following today. You should too.


Is an actor, improv artist and teacher. He's also a gay activist. He and his partner got married almost as soon as it was legal in Iowa this spring, when they took a bus load of other gay and lesbian couples up there to tie the knot. 

Twitter info:
Bio Actor and Producer of live theatre

Sample Tweet:
A call for religious tolerance, boycott Orlando Gardens banquet facilities please retweet #stl #wedding

Blogger and founder of the group blog Girls Guide to the Galaxy (which will have it's relaunch party next week) tweets about pop culture, personal stuff and links to new posts on the GGG blog. 

Twitter info:
Bio Writer and pizza lover, living in St. Louis.

Sample Tweet
New Guide: If Comedy Is King Apatow is Emperor

This is a twofer. These are actually automated Twitter accounts ... but thats OK! I like some automated twitter accounts when they are kicking out regular useful information, and reminders. The way KDHX has done this is a good example of how organizations can do it right. The main function of these Twitter feeds is to remind you of news, events and when programs are playing on our own beloved, truly independent community radio station. 

New/Events calendar Twitter feed
Twitter Info:
Bio This is your resource for the latest updates and news from KDHX. This is: Your Communtiy | Your Media

Sample Tweet:
Friday, June 5, 2009 - KDHX St. Louis Concert Calendar

The program reminder feed lets you know what show is up next a few minutes before the show goes on the air--very cool. 

Twitter Info:
Bio Follow KDHXfm88 for updates on the air schedule. Never miss your favorite program again!

Sample Tweet:
[Reminder] Talkin' Trash w/ Trashley: @ Fri Jun 5 2am - 3:30am (KDHX FM 88.1)

Comedian and podcaster that tweets hilarious complaints about his office mates, and reminders about his upcoming comedy shows and podcasts. Sometimes he lets loose with funny stream of consciousness tweets about Austrailia and other subjects. 

Twitter info:
Bio Voice Over Superhero! Main complainer in the Super Fun Patrol. Web guy. Nerd. Comedian. Musician. Master of Ceremonies. Other stuff.

Sample Tweet:
I had a dream that I skipped work. Then I woke up and came to work. See, dreams do come true!

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