St. Louis Twitter Follow Friday; Four Locals You Should Follow

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Here are four St. Louisans, you may want to consider following on Twitter today:
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There's a disconnect between #stl citizens and their politicians:
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Bio: Hi. I am an IT Consultant / Audio Engineer / Rock Venue Marketing Director. I drive a hybrid and love lasers, smoothies, macaroni and my Mac. Cool?
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Why is MTV interviewing Timbaland? He just said that he wasn't influenced by #michaeljackson! He sounds baked out of his gourd.

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Bio: Author of the St. Louis Social Media Report, family man, small business owner, office supply salesman, bass player, and so much more.
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having a mind numbing experience on the six flags does not work....super, the stress we endure for our children.

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Bio: Indie Artist & Photographer
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I kinda don't care that MJ is dead.Pop icon,sure-also creepy pedophile.Yuck. RIP Farrah & Ed.Good riddens MJ,maybe now ur kids have a chance.

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