Video: Deposition of Woman Who Falsely Accused Cop of Doing Coke, Getting Blowjobs

The video I posted last week of a woman apologizing for false claims she made against a St. Louis cop got so many YouTube hits that the police officer's attorney -- Albert Watkins -- has now released his entire deposition of Cassidy Harris online. 

The resulting videos are both humorous and somewhat pathetic. Clearly, Harris had no idea what she was getting into when she showed up to discuss with Watkins the claims she made against officer Michael Haman. Among other things, Harris told the police department's internal affairs office that Haman was engaging in oral sex and doing cocaine in a restaurant bathroom back in February 2008 while the police officer worked a secondary job as a security officer.

Harris soon falls victim to Watkin's questioning as the attorney examines her work experience as a "private contractor in the entertainment field" (a.k.a. dancer at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club and PT's Sports Cabaret) and her inability to recall key events of the night in question despite her claims that she had just six ounces of white zinfandel that evening.

View the rest of the deposition after the jump. Or just skip to the last video (Part IV) to see Harris storm out of the meeting after pretty much admitting that she did not actually see Haman engaging in any illicit activity and made up the claims against him because she was upset he kicked her out of the bar for being disorderly.

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