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Blogher, an annual conference for women bloggers, is taking place in Chicago this week. So I chose to pick out some St. Louisans who are attending. Sometimes you can get a unique perspective on an event by reading the tweets of those who attend. I'm fairly sure that this is not a complete list of all the St. Louis Twitterers who are attending Blogher -- these are just the ones I know about. 

Twitter bio: Bio Mother, blogger, talk radio host. Smart aleck.
Sample Tweet from Blogher: 
Sat next to Charlie Gitto (of THE Gitto's ) on my flight. He opened my beer for me so I wouldn't wreck my polish.

Twitter Bio: A lifelong contrarian. I swear like a Scottish comedian. I am awesome every day.
Sample Tweet from Blogher: Four hours of sleep and 17 free drinks does not a happy camper make. But they never did let us drink at camp.

Twitter Bio: none
Sample Tweet from Blogher: No idea what I'm doing tomorrow... Besides sleeping in in the morning & food blogger dinner evening. Wandering Chicago? Yes pleez!

Twitter Bio: Unsolicited opinions on any subject.
Sample Tweet from Blogher: @ironstef and I are too too shy to make new friends. Come talk to us over on the couches. Look for white girl afro and garlic tattoo.

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