Daily RFT, STL Picks for Twitter Follow Friday

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Here are six random St. Louis Tweeps you should consider following:

UnclePilot is a writer.
Twitter bio: I write stuff. And have adventures. And sometimes drink a little too much.
Sample Tweet:
Maybe it's just me, but this certainly seems to have become The Year Of The Great Growing Up-ening for me and my crew. I blame the economy.


Holly Schroeder
Twitter bio:
Indie Artist & Photographer
Sample Tweet: Good morning! Started my day giving Bad Cat a pill. He hooked me with a claw - lots of bleeding. Ouch. He's feisty and on the mend.
Jim Varagona
Twitter Bio: Retail slave into family time, politics, and pop culture.
Sample Tweet: So I was listening to an amusing rant by Glenn Beck about healthcare & then I was visited by the Windows blue screen of death. Coincidence?

Chris King
Twitter Bio: Journalist, writer in other respects, producer, musician, amateur filmmaker
Sample Tweet: Can mice fly? I swear the mouse who think s/he lives in our kitchen just flew from the floor into the sink cabinet through a closed door.

Lauren Berger
Twitter Bio: Arts Enthusiast. Saint Louis Lover. Dilettante and Dabbler. Entrepreneur. Editor Extraordinaire. Idealist. Aspiring Visionary.
Sample Tweet:
Tony LaRussa dropped me off at my car the other night. Just thought I would make you all insanely jealous. That is all.


Vince Valenza AKA the man behind the counter at Blues City Deli (who else?)
Twitter Bio: I'm living the dream and loving it!
Sample Tweet: A perfect day for a "Sloppy Steve"...Hot Roast Beef, Grilled Peppers/Onions and our Sloppy Cheese Sauce!

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