Mark Buehrle Deserves a Parade Through St. Charles...In His Giant Pickup Truck

Thanks to a Jim Edmonds-worthy catch in the ninth inning by White Sox centerfielder DeWayne Wise, St. Charles native (and Francis Howell North High School-alum) Mark Buehrle pitched the 18th perfect game in Major League Baseball history yesterday afternoon.

Now Buehrle is basking in the glory of perfection and receiving congratulatory phone calls from Sox-loving President Obama. What he really needs to celebrate, though, is a parade through the streets of his hometown in his monstrous custom Ford truck.

Behold the beast:
Buehrles Truck.jpg
"Mark Buehrle's truck will cause ice caps to melt"

According to the site that first unearthed the pics of Buehrle's monster, the truck is a "2007 Ford F-650 Dominator." It weighs over six tons and stands ten feet tall, though hydraulics have been added so the bed can be lowered to the ground. Remarked Buehrle upon first seeing his new toy "Oh [bleep] that thing's a lot bigger than I expected."

Buehrle w: truck.jpg
Somewhere, Optimus Prime is shaking in his steel-belted radials.
Buerhle, though, says he doesn't cruise around the streets of south Chicago in his behemoth: "It's a hunting truck so it's going to be dirty and messy." 

Spoken like a true St. Chuck boy.

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