Michael Jackson Watched Donald Duck to Fall Asleep, Exercised with Incredible Hulk

You getting sleepy, quack?
I'm really not that obsessed with Michael Jackson's death (honestly!) but an Associated Press story yesterday about the pop star was just odd -- even for a man once rumored to be in the market for the bones of Elephant Man.

The AP interviewed Jackson's personal nurse and nutritionist, Cherilyn Lee, who told of the entertainer's chronic insomnia and bizarre sleep rituals. Lee says that Jackson wanted her to supply him with the powerful, intravenous sedative Diprivan. Lee refused to supply the drug, but believes he got it anyway.

That's because four days before his June 25 death, Lee says she received a frantic call from Jackson's handlers and could hear Jackson in the background complaining: "One side of my body is hot, it's hot, and one side of my body is cold. It's very cold."

Lee suggested that Jackson be taken immediately to a hospital, but he was not. An overdose of Diprivan, according to doctors, can lead to cardiac arrest.

The nurse also tells of a night she spent with the singer to observe his sleep patterns. After giving Jackson some herbal sleep aides, Lee took a seat in the corner of the bedroom. She says the singer then got ready for bed in his customary habit by dimming the lights and playing classical music.

"He also had a computer on the bed because he loved Walt Disney," Lee tells the AP. "He was watching Donald Duck and it was ongoing. I said, 'Maybe if we put on softer music,' and he said, 'No, this is how I go to sleep.'"

Meanwhile, Jackson's friends -- including Lou Ferringo -- are denying claims that Jackson abused prescription drugs. Ferringo, star of the 1970s television series The Incredible Hulk had been working out with Jackson in recent months in preparation for the singer's comeback tour scheduled for later this summer.

Ferringo tells the AP: "When he was with me, he wasn't different. He wasn't stoned. He wasn't high. He wasn't being aloof or speedy. Never talked about drugs," Ferrigno said. "I've never seen him take drugs. He was always talking about nutrition."

Not explained in the AP article is how the rail-thin Jackson and muscle-bound Ferringo "worked out" together. It would be hard to imagine an odder exercise duo.

"Hey, Michael, would you give me a spot on the bench press?" "Sure, Lou! I thought you'd never ask!"

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