Missed the Celebrity Softball All-Star Game? Not to Worry, This Video from Andy Richter Will Make Your Taco Pop

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Too lazy to peel your humid hiney off the couch to see any of Sunday's All Star Game activities?

Not to worry. Andy Richter, Conan O'Brien's sidekick, came to the Big Muddy for the Celebrity Softball game and brought home to The Tonight Show a precious little mockumentary.
richter, hamm, fischer.jpg
Richter ribs STL natives Jenna Fischer and Jon Hamm, among other right-armed luminaries, before making a few flubs on the field. NBC hasn't made the clip excerptable on its site, so we've just pasted a screen shot above.

Click here for the clip. Gratuitous Ortega Taco Sauce joke included with viewing. 

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