County Council Receives Smoking Ban Bill, More Provisions to Follow

The St. Louis County Council last night was presented a bill that would ask residents to vote on an ordinance banning indoor smoking in bars and restaurants.

The bill proposed by council member Barbara Fraser had few provisions, though more could be added next week. Among those being considered are clauses that would allow smoking outdoors, in casinos and a certain percentage of hotel rooms.

There are no horse-drawn carriages on Charlie Dooley's website, but there are old cars.
The council must approve the bill by August 23 in time for the ordinance to make it onto the November ballot. At this point, it's unclear how many council members support the ban and a big hurdle could be St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley, who torpedoed a similar ordinance in 2006.

Asked yesterday by the Post-Dispatch if the county executive would veto the ban, Dooley's senior advisor Mike Jones said the question "puts many carts ahead of the horse."

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