Thus Concludes The Coolest July St. Louis Has Ever Known

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​As of last night, we were poised to wrap up just the sixth coolest July on record. That doesn't mean it wasn't the coolest, though. The lowest average temperature in July came in 1961 and 1891, when it was typically a balmy 74.9 degrees. Just guessing, but Sonic Youth probably didn't play a free show under the Arch in 1891 (they probably were working on their third album at that point.)

But seriously though, through last night we were averaging 75.7 degrees. In St. Louis. In July. Maybe global warming isn't so bad after all.

Here's the full July weather history plus the kick-ass forecast for the first weekend in August

From the awesome website of the local bureau of the National Weather Service:
July Weather History.jpg

And this weekend's forecast from
Weekend Forecast.jpg
Seattle, meanwhile, just experienced the hottest day and (week) in the city's history, a humid 104-degree scorcher that had ex-pats comparing it to the summer weather in these parts. Not sure how Seattle and St. Louis traded summer weather, but here's guessing former Mariners GM Bill Bavasi was involved. Too bad we couldn't get them to throw Ichiro into the deal too.

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